Black Artist Gallery

Vibrant Black artistic expression is not always easily accessible due to prohibitive costs. The mission of our Black Artist Gallery is straightforward yet impactful: facilitating a connection between Black art collectors and artists. Unlike traditional platforms, DBHM does not impose an artist commission, recognizing the financial constraints that often deter artists from sharing their talents. Instead, we encourage artists to contribute through voluntary donations, fostering a supportive community that values and uplifts the Black artistic voice.

Join us in bridging the gap and making Black art accessible, appreciated, and celebrated.

Featured Artists (Coming Soon!)

Artist Submissions

Interested in having your artwork featured in the DBHM Black Artist Gallery? Send an email to with the following information:

  1. Four (4) to six (6) images of your artwork or a link to your online artwork/portfolio.
  2. Your bio/artist statement or a link to your bio/artist statement.
  3. A photo of yourself (must be 300 dpi at 2 x 2) or a link to a photo of yourself.
  4. Your completed Artist Agreement Form. Download a PDF of the Artist Agreement Form Here. Review, sign and return your completed form