Meet The Architects

L to R: Morgan Allen, Associate Architect; Travis Price, Principal and Founder of Travis Price Architects; Kelly Davies Grace, AIA, Partner, KGP Build LLC

Travis Price Architects: An Award-Winning Firm Widely Applauded for Its Innovative Discoveries, Theories and Visionary Aesthetics

The Doleman Black Heritage Museum’s future home plan and design are entrusted to the creative expertise of Travis Price Architects (TPA), an internationally known firm based in Washington, DC, noted for their innovative and sustainable architectural designs. TPA’s award-winning buildings range from residential projects to large commercial and institutional architecture with projects in the United States, Asia, Europe, and the Americas.

The journey with TPA commenced with a pivotal phone call to Travis Price himself, sparking an exploration into the realm of container construction. This conversation fueled a determination to create a museum that would boldly articulate the narrative on behalf of a people. Before moving forward, the Board of Directors initiated a meticulous Request for Qualification (RFQ) and Request for Proposal (RFP) process, from which Alesia Parson, deeply invested in the project, had to step aside. Sixteen esteemed architectural firms were invited for RFQ interviews, with six advancing to submit RFPs. While three opted not to proceed, TPA stood out and was unanimously chosen by the Board from the final three contenders.

What distinguishes TPA from other prestigious firms is clear: an attentive ear to the lofty visions of a museum that embodies the endurance, triumph, and soul of the Black experience. TPA's "Spirit of Place" philosophy resonated with many on the board members, showcasing international designs where the architect and his students at Catholic University blend seamlessly with organizational purpose. Travis Price, known for leaving a piece of his spirit in every design, aligns perfectly with our project's essence. Explore more about the "Spirit of Place" philosophy at

TPA not only embraced, but celebrated DBHM’s unconventional choice of building material. Unlike other firms, TPA did not attempt to dissuade our desire to utilize shipping containers, no matter how unusual. Their expertise in repurposing shipping containers as building materials ensures that DBHM can honor its commitment to construct a monument that symbolizes the journey of a people and their legacy.

To learn more about TPA, their innovative approach and experience with unconventional building materials, and to view some of their recent work, visit