Wendi Perry

In November 2010, the DBHM Board of Directors acquired the services of curator Wendi Perry to oversee the DBHM collection. Wendi hails from an extensive background in conservation, preservation, and restoration of historical artifacts, with a specialty in the preservation of African-American histories. Ms. Perry’s diverse museum experience as a former museum director, deputy museum director, curator/archivist, and coordinator of museum support services will provide a sense of historical world-view in the preserving and the telling of the African-American experiences throughout our museum.

Before coming to DBHM Ms. Perry served for seven years in the capacity of director, collections manager, and curator with the historic Banneker-Douglas Museum in Annapolis, Maryland. Her duties included documentation, cataloging developing and overview of a 55,000-piece collection. She also managed all exhibition research; including development, collection, re-housing, and database conversion.

During her tenure, she also oversaw the two-year, $5.5 million dollar expansion and renovation of the Banneker-Douglas building. Ms. Perry is vast in obtaining grant dollars, lecturing and repairing annual budgets for state financial officers and administrative staff.

Wend is an avid champion for the preservation of all history and a staunch supporter in the conservation and preservation of African-American history.

Wendi will use this area for updates concerning the progress and direction of the museum collection.

To contact the curator: mpec2000@hotmail.com


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