Friends of the Doleman Black Heritage Museum comprised of a group of community members who believe in the DBHM project and who are strong advocates of arts in communities, neighborhood improvements and the preserving of cultural history. They came together in 2009 and formed ‘Friends Of…’, a neighborhood initiative that endorses and supports projects that enhance community and economic development, educational and social services and that celebrate cultural arts within the Jonathan Street Community.

In their efforts to uplift, educate and celebrate the African-American heritage they have also been staunch supporters of the DBHM. To date the ‘Friends Of’ have sponsored 5 fundraising events on behalf of the DBHM. They’re successes have been instrumental in procurement of financial sponsorships, raising awareness of the rich and diverse history of African-American culture, enhancing heritage museum tourism and cultural arts in Hagerstown and Washington County, Maryland, and cultivating a community devoid of African-American history.

Support of the ‘Friends Of’ has proven to be an invaluable asset to the DBHM and we are humbly appreciative, respectful and honored by their community spirit. Their dedication and commitment to not only the DBHM but the Jonathan Street family is a true testament of the love they have for the community enrichment of the neighborhood we know and love as “J-Street”.

If you would like to learn more about their community organizing efforts or become a member of the ‘Friends Of’ please email