Recruitment Drive

With the success of our first fundraiser on November 19, 2008, we recognize the need to continue to recruit volunteers to serve on our committeess for continued sucess of our fundraising events. For more information on serving on one of our commitees or volunteering your time to an upcoming event email us at

The Doleman Black Heritage Museum (DBHM), a non-profit organization, is in search of enthusiastic, community-minded individuals to assist in moving the DBHM into its next chapter. Committee members are needed to fill several positions in order to make this endeavor a success. Please consider becoming a volunteer and join one of our committees to help plan special events, organize fund-raisers, build membership, and brainstorm ideas.

The Doleman Black Heritage Museum is currently recruiting individuals to serve on these committees:

  • Strategic Planning- Responsible for creating the organization’s 3-5 year plan and updating the board of the progress
  • Fund-raising- Responsible for identifying potential donors.
  • Special Events- Responsible for overseeing the organization’s special events.
  • Membership- Responsible for recruiting new board members or associate members to the organization.

We hope you will join us in building the Doleman Black Heritage Museum into a progressive and viable entity that our communities can be proud of. The Doleman Black Heritage Museum is a wonderful opportunity to help enhance Washington County by providing a diverse and innovative project that will aid in revitalizing the communities of Hagerstown.

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