If you would like to know where the DBHM funding stream has gone, here is more information.


All funds designated to the Doleman Black Heritage Museum, Inc. have been dispensed in accordance to the specific criteria of its grantees, administrators, or sponsors. Although DBHM has an contractual independent consultant advisor, all decisions regarding grant applications and awards, donations of monies or artifacts, contractual consultants fees and fees for service for vendors, venues, entertainment, guest speakers, and in-kind services are decided upon by our Board of Directors.

Museum standards apply to every aspect of DBHM, this includes artifact preservation and conservation, indexing and inventory tagging, loan agreements, site conditions and controls for artifact or loan items, exhibit labeling/signage, and artifact insurance. Museum standards have been entrusted to certified professionals in the fields and application of results is accomplished through grant funding.

The $5,000 Mary Stouffer endowment is managed by the Washington County Community Foundation-MD

In 2009 there was a General Assembly Bond Bill for 50k designated to DBHM however, In 2013 that Bond Bill expired due to the unforeseeable price hike in the sale price of 465 Pennsylvania Ave. The matching fund for this project came through the donations of 10k from Mr. Adna Fulton of AC&T and 25k from Mr. Lee Stein of the Agnita Stein-Scheiber Foundation. PMA entered into discussions with these contributors to retain those donations to be utilized within the organization and they graciously agreed to allow DBHM to utilize these funds at our discretion. In 2013 the board of directors voted to utilize the AC&T donation (10k) as general funds and retain the Stein donation (25k) as matching funds for future grant opportunities or operational funds.

It was understood by the Directors that any matching grant could deplete these designated 25k for matching funds but from the combined efforts of the Directors and PMA, since 2010, the matching funds account served its desired purpose throughout a series of Technical Assistance Grants and other grants awards through a series of counter-balancing matching grants with in-kind services. In 2017, insufficient substantial matching grant opportunities caused the organization to use portions of the 25k for its operational funding, which, was allowed for use through the original board decision from 2013; 20k of these funds remains in the organizations account.

The in-kind services to DBHM from 2008 to date have come in the form of many consultants locally, statewide, nationally and internationally and all with board approval: Architect, Kurt Caushwa, Graphic Designers: Nuvue Creatives-Terri Fleetwood and Free Range Design-Steve Bridgman (UK), Independent Consultants, Business Alesia Parson, Historian and Curator-Wendi Perry, CPA Sylvanus Tipson, Photographers: Youngblood Studios and Charles Smith, Marcia Saunders, and Herman ‘Skip’ Davis, Event Site Services-Rick Seymour, the City of Hagerstown, HPB Incorporated, Hub Labels, Tri-State Printing, University Systems of Maryland-Hag, DHWeb (CVB), DatAchieve, Video Narration: William C. Marshall III, Nikia Fierson, Janice Kelsh, the Law services of Gregory C. Bannon and William C. Wantz, along with a host of guest speakers and performers.

Programs and services offered by the Doleman Black Heritage Museum, Inc. would not be possible without the in-kind services, donations, and public support of our community and it is what has kept the organization operating.


Pending Grant Application with the Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development Strategic Demolition Funds-Outside Baltimore City/County through the City of Hagerstown for the purpose of $120,000 ​for the Acquisition of real property located at 465 Pennsylvania Ave and $130,000 for Architectural planning. Grand total of request: $250.000.


2008 Assessment and Feasibility Study of the Doleman Collection:

Maryland Historical Trust through the City of Hagerstown   $15,000.00

Matched by the City of Hagerstown  $15,000.00

For: preservation, Indexing, inventory, rehousing and insurance analysis of the collection/artifacts. 465Pennsylvania Ave. Building Appraisal.

Bowers Appraisal   $1,500.00

FY10-FY12 ​Institute of Museums and Library Services  $150,000.00

*Preservation and conservation for most threatened artifacts with necessary housing materials. Establishment of organizational identity-mission, vision, statement of purpose and business plan.

Branding- Logo, marketing materials, Jewelry line, exhibit, companion pieces, posters, exhibit displays, the creation of 8 mobile exhibits and the creation of web page. With digital archives.

Equipment: computer, camera, printer/scanner equipment, portable climate control system.

FY18​ City of Hagerstown Loan for 465 Penn. Ave.  $12,000.00

To be repaid through DHCD grant award.

2011-2012 Sizable Donations and Endowments:

Mrs. ​Mary Stouffer endowment through WCCF-MD  $5,000.00

Mr. Adna Fulton of AC&T  $10,000.00

Agnita Stine Schreiber Foundation   25,000.00

*2018 – 21k Remains in DBHM coffers as grant matching funds.

2010 & 2018 Foundation Grants

2010 Mary K. Bowers   $2,000.00

** Second Printing of K-12 booklets, flashcards, and worksheets for the mobile exhibit.

2018 Washington County Community Foundation MD  $9,164.00

*Media Collateral Enhancement and replenishment.

FY09-FY18 Local Grant Awards

Washington County Gaming Commission

FY09-FY15 None of these grants were above 3k   $7,699.00

*Software, office supplies, and equipment

FY17 Mobile exhibit expansion   $5,400.00

FY18 * Media Collateral Enhancement and replenishment.  $3,000.00

Hagerstown Wash-Co Convention Visitors Bureau


Entertainment sponsorship and marketing of fundraisers,

DBHM website hosting.   $13,000.00

FY12-FY16 State Grant Awards

FY12-DHCD Technical Assistance Grant  $25,000.00

**TAG Operational Capacity Building

FY14-DHCD Grant Award  $8,500.00

**Mobile Exhibit Presentation into WCPS, private schools, colleges,civic organization, government agencies, and churches.

FY16 Maryland Department of Commerce aka DBED  $25,000.00

Operational funding Capacity Building. (Independent CPA financial audit, New Program Developments. CASE, Music in University Plaza, Fitness Challenge, Search for suitable location for temporary

location in City Center, Private listening party at Pres. home, etc.…)

Financial Investments and Grant Awards:  $332,263.00

DBHM Fundraising To Date:  $28,000.00

In-Kind Services To Date:  $112,250.00

Grand Total  $472,513.00

* Funds delegated for specific use
**Matching Funds donated for operations

To learn more about DBHM projects, to volunteer, to serve on a committee, or to support DBHM through a donation please contact us at mpec2000@hotmail.com or 301-797-5019.

Thank you