The Friends of the Doleman Black Heritage Museum, under the direction of Alesia Parson, is made up of former members of the Jonathan Street neighborhood of Hagerstown, their friends, family, relatives, and new residents of Hagerstown and nationwide who support the efforts and mission of the Doleman Black Heritage Museum, Inc.

For those raised in the neighborhood of Jonathan Street, we remember the trips to the Doleman family home where Mrs. Doleman would teach local and national history. Since her passing, the museum has become a nonprofit foundation that carries on the Doleman family legacy.

As DBHM grows so does its Friends membership. Friends of DBHM takes on the responsibility of organizing and execution of fundraising events for DBHM. And, welcomes all to join in the efforts to enhance the Doleman family collection to encompass and embrace more of the stories of families from the old neighborhood and our surrounding areas while staying true to the mission and vision of the DBHM.

This group is open to the public, and all are welcome.