The Doleman Black Heritage Museum Board of Directors

Phoebe Harris, President

Herman “Skip” Davis, Vice President

Tamara Doleman, Treasurer

Janice Kelsh, Secretary

Shakira Doleman, Executive Director

Patricia Wilson-Cone – Chaplain

In Memory:  Rosemary Doleman-Lucas (3/25/46 – 12/24/21), former Executive Director

Board Members
Byron Mason, Director - MASON.BYRON@AOL.COM
Paul (Paulie) Ward, Director -

To contact the board of directors:

DBHM Board Member Recruitment Criteria

The Doleman Black Heritage Museum Board considers these individual personal and professional characteristics when recruiting new Board members.

Integrity and Accountability. Character will be the primary consideration in evaluating all candidates for Board membership.

Sound Judgment. The ability to provide thoughtful counsel on a broad range of issues.

Financial Acumen. The ability to read and understand an income statement and balance sheet and the ability to understand and address core issues that underlay the financial results.

Emotional Intelligence. The ability to ask questions, listen and to approach others directly, responsibly and supportively. There must be a willingness to raise difficult and sensitive issues in a manner that encourages open discussion.

In addition, the new Board member should process one or more of these following core competencies:

  •  Strategic Planning;
  • General Management;
  • Fundraising;
  • Marketing;
  • Legal and Governance;
  • Maintaining Diversity;
  • Knowledge of Targeted Industries;
  • Non-profit Knowledge and Experience;

And, these key responsibilities/expectations:

  •  Support the mission and goals of the organization;
  • Attending regular Board meetings;
  • Participation in fund-raising meetings and activities and supporting the organization as a representative at community events;
  • Participation as an active member on at least one committee;
  • Preparation in advance before regular Board meetings by reading and studying materials sent in advance regarding key actions the Board is expected to take at the next meetings;
  • Contributing an annual financial commitment;
  • Responding timely to other organizational requests; and
  • Speaking knowledgeably and as one voice for the organization.